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Monday, December 03, 2007

1st Anniversary

The story is about our 1st Anniversary.. Actually, our anniversary fell on Nov, 26th.. but because of several reasons.. we can't go anywhere at that time.. he just called me in the morning and said "Happy Anniversary" and also he sent me a beautiful poems (you can read it on my friendster testimonial).. And then, we planned for a date on next Saturday (Des, 1st)..

I haven't met him for 2 weeks.. so, in this special occasion.. I want to look special for him.. ^_^ I cut my hair, prepare my dress, learn how to use make up *I've just bought it one week ago.. :P*, and so on.. And when he came to my home, it takes about one hour for me to dress up and make up *hahaha, usually I just need 15-20 minutes to change my clothes if we want to go for a date.. :P*.. but he said it's alright and it's worthed for waiting me to dress up and make up.. ^_^

Hmm, don't think that we will have a romantic dinner, we didn't have it.. we just have a very simple celebration.. we go to PS to find a new purse for me.. he bought it for me as our anniversary gift.. and then, we buy pizza and cheese cake, then we go to his home.. we spent the night, talking 'bout how our future will be.. 'bout our plan in the next 2-3 years.. 'bout our career *I will always support u for any career path u want to choose.. :)*.. and so on.. It's nice to have a long conversation like that.. as we never had it before.. :)

After that, he took me back to my home again.. and said that I looked beautiful on that day.. :) what a very wonderful day..

Here, I want to thank to you..
For making my life more colourfull in our one year relationship..
Laugh and cry.. Happyness and sadness..
All those things are priceless things for me..

I don't love u because of ur career, ur social status, ur riches, and any other material things.. I love u because I want to, because I need to, because my heart says that you're the one who could turn on the beat inside..

Hope we can always be together and love each other as well..

Happy Anniversary honey..

I love u more and more..


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