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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hi.. =)

It has been a long time since I last updated my blog..

Well, it's not because I'm busy in my new office, it's just because I think that I don't have any stories to tell about.. :) but now I want to write something.. *in English?? yup to practice my English of course.. :P hehe, tp klo ada campur2 indo dikit dimaklumi yah..*

moreless, for six months I have been working as a PMO for government institution, it's a very valuable experience.. :) travel from one department to another department, attending meeting, following a high class gathering, working with so many bosses *really many bosses, and all of them were great bosses.. ;)* I like my pass job, but I think I must have some refreshment, a new experience, a new challenge *since here, I'm not using my skills intensively... :P* so I decided to resign and find another job.. And tararara..ttt.. here I am.. at my new office in Sudirman street..

Talking bout my new job, I'm very pleased to work here, with a new environment, new faces, new friends, and of course new job desc.. it's very challenging, lots of fun, lots of training, lots of food also.. *haha, I'm getting fat now.. :P* here, I'm working as an Analyst with SAP specialty.. and great news, company assigned me in FI module.. it's Financial Accounting module (all things related to accounting, Debit, Credit, GL account, Account Payable, Receivable, and so on..) I like it.. you know, few years ago *when I was in high school* I wanna be an accountant.. *hehe, tp malah nyasar ke Fasilkom.. :P* and now my dream is comin' true.. *well, not all true.. I'm still not an accountant yet.. :P* but at least I learn accounting from my job here.. it's one of the challenges I wanna get from.. learn new things.. :D

But I don't wanna too fast to get satisfied.. It's still a long long road, a long career path.. And I'm still new here, I need more knowledge, more practice, assists and help from friends and supervisors.. :) and I need support from my family, friends, and of course my beloved one.. Just hopin' I can give the best for myself and everyone near me..

And gud luck for u who read this blog.. ;)



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