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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nostalgic Moment

This week has been a nostalgic week for me.. nostalgic moment when I heard songs from many boybands (BSB, Boyzone, Westlife, A1, Blue, NSYNC) and other songs from long ago.. :P (what?? I used word "long ago"?? Am I that old?? No, of course I'm not.. I'm still young.. hehehe.. :D)
It begins when I decided updating the songs in ipod I used.. I missed westlife.. westlife is one of my favorite boyband when I was in junior high school.. I collect every stuffs, everything 'bout westlife (casettes, posters, magz, etc).. I like their song, their music, lyrics and their voices are nice to hear.. easy listening.. easy to follow.. and it's romantic.. (yeah, I like romantic things.. :P) so, I put all westlife mp3 I have (I don't have all of their songs in mp3 format).. I played the songs in Monday morning during my trip to office.. And I still loved westlife 'til now.. :D
And the next day (Tuesday), Fandi (one of my friends here) also played westlife songs.. hey, looks like Fandi have more westlife songs than I have (never thought he will have it too.. :P).. well since most of us loved to sing, then we (some workers in the 8th floor) sing westlife songs together all day long.. (huehehehehe.. karaoke dadakan).. it's so fun.. :D
Wednesday.. OMG.. Andry (one of my friends too) brings his mp3 collection from famous boyband.. hmm.. I will listed them: BSB, Boyzone, NSYNC, A1, BLUE.. feels like I'm in junior high school again (it was like 6-7 years ago.. :P) then again, we singing together.. all day loooooonnggg.. hehe, although I have a backache on that day and many of works to do.. I feel happy.. enjoy every single time I have there in my office.. with my friends.. love u guys.. :)
And it happens until now.. Thursday.. (don't know what will happen on Friday.. :D)
there's one thing I want to write here.. everytime I heard BSB songs.. I remember the video made by The Lambirs (three crazy enough person *I think* who create those kind of stuffs.. :P).. they're singing and acting like BSB personnel in one of BSB songs (hmm.. the title is "Quit Playin' Games..").. it always make me laugh.. but the unique things is I got interested with my boyfriend now since I watch that video.. (hahaha, honey do u mind if I wrote the story here?? :)) he's so funny in that video.. and from there, I want to know his personality more.. in short, we're getting closer.. andddd.. I don't have to tell the next story to u guys.. u can read my post before this.. :P

well, that's only my short story for today..
hmm.. wanna hear all those songs again.. :D


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