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Friday, December 21, 2007

Back to work

get back to work again.. but it seems unfriendly.. some of my co-workers get frightened with me when they know I have Varicella disease and they haven't.. but for workers who already have it, they just okay with me..

I know it's too fast, I only have a rest for 5 days and I'm health again.. I ask the doctor to gave me an injection.. that will help me to make those viruses death, and the skin rash of blister-like lesions drying faster.. And it works.. now I just thinking how to remove those drying black spot in whole my body and face.. I still eat the medicine that doctor gave me.. And of course every 4 hours, I used the clinovir cream that contains 5% of Acyclovir.. It helps me to regenerate my skin by makin' my skin flake..

hiks.. my supervisor Fery, told me not to seat closed to Alvin.. because he has a cold and his body is easier to get infected.. and Alvin must not be sick.. because he has a big responsibilities to accomplished his works (lots of heavy works) on scheduled.. hmm, well if that's the reason.. I understand.. I will accept it, because I don't want to ruin my project right? If an important person in my project get ill, everything that has been set up will be messed up..

Well, planning to go home earlier but then Fery give me a task to complete IT1-AMPS for Project Maintenance at 5.30 PM.. I finish it at 8.30 PM.. but I don't want to go home alone.. so I decided to wait for my friend spending the time by browsing and blogging like this.. As usual, every time Andry bring his car, he always give me a ride.. hmm, but now Andry has a cold and he didn't remember whether he has got Varicella or not.. oow.. I'm afraid that I will transfer this viruses to him.. I hope it doesn't happen.. and he will be ok..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hang in there girl, you'll make it thru, coz you're a tough girl ;)

3:01 AM  
Anonymous You Know Who ;p said...

Relax...It takes more than just a Varicella to take me down :D

11:18 PM  
Blogger v3a said...

hehe.. wah tumpangan gue ngilang deh nih.. lo roll off sih Ndry.. :P

11:22 AM  

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