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Monday, December 31, 2007

Today is my last day at work in year 2007..
Count down for less than 8 hour to go in year 2008..

I'm still at work and plan to go home at 5 PM.. Looking for help from Selvi and Wira to solve my reclassification financial balance.. why it doesn't work properly as Fery instructions.. :( hmm, the profit center is not maintained in the period I posts the G/L account..

OK, let's forget it a while.. Last saturday, I have a great time with some of my friends.. new joiner of accenture.. we meet at Inul Vista Plaza Semanggi.. oh before that, I meet Mita first at Loco Moco.. spent a little time to have a lunch and chat.. huhu.. I miss her so much.. after that, Mita and I go to the 6th floor.. reserve a small room (because there only 4 persons who can attend that karaoke session..) for the first 40 minutes there are only Mita and I who's singing.. we sing "If We Hold On Together".. that song reminds me when I'm in my graduation ceremony, Mita and Tina sing that song for us.. There are also few songs (I didn't remembered the title) that Mita and I sing it.. waw, Mita still have a wonderful voices even she had a cold.. Then Mikael joined us.. and not so long after Mikael joined.. Lorens comes.. there we go.. spent our three hours.. don't care if we can sing well or not.. at least for me.. hahaha.. :P the point is we have some fun there.. meet each other.. knowing how well we gets going through the works and company.. find new gossips (hehehe.. :P) hmm, I can't imagine if there are 12 of us there.. must be noisy and it will be more rocks.. :D so, let's hope there will be a spare time for us to have some fun like this.. :D

back to my works.. Wira has helped me to change the profit center period, so I can post G/L account using cost center in period 05/2006.. It works.. the only problem now is I don't understand what does it mean by Balance sheet key date in Reclassification selection screen.. I already raised this issue to Fery.. sent him an email.. and hope I can go home at 5 pm (just like my plan before)..

Oh another thing.. some of my co-workers (Andry, Satria, Reine, Alvin) here has been roll off and moved to another project.. hmm, I feel sad.. because the room where I stay in is not "noisy" anymore.. there's no more "live radio" (Shelly called it.. :P) since we can not hear Andry singing.. there's no more "garing" jokes from Satria.. and I also feel afraid.. afraid of my job.. what I'm doing right now.. If I found some problems or I makin' troubles.. I can straight forward ask Reine or Alvin to help me.. both of them are my SAP trainer, so I can ask them freely.. but I've to learn.. to be independent.. tryin' my best to find the answer of the issues I found.. or at least get closer to other co-workers so I won't be shame again if I need help from them..

well guys.. It's time for me to get prepared..
bye.. and see u in 2008

Happy new year!!!
Hope in 2008 we will be happier than it was in 2007..



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