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Thursday, April 03, 2008

being a consultant is such a hard work.. you have to be confidence in front of users, explain everything that actually u really don't know anything about it.. hey, how come u know about something that u never learn it before??? u just depends on a script contains steps and parameter specified.. u read it for 5-10 minutes, then u have to tell users in detail about it.. -_-

today become a very bad day for me..

arrive at 8.20 this morning, prepare UAT result from yesterday session.. plan to review it with user.. but got problem with the printer.. the problem solved after lunch.. I print all documents that are ready to be reviewed.. I know my users had a lot of plan today (meeting, training, etc) and I know the sign off for those UAT is not this week.. so, I just put the documents in my table and plan to meet users this evening.. continuing my work, re-testing asset fiscal year change and asset year end closing..

but, at 4.30 pm he called me, ask me to give UAT document for sign off.. what??? do the plan has changed?? do the sign off deadline changed?? I called my users but she has a meeting.. Go to 9th floor, met another users.. ask her to give comment and signature before the SME (Subject Matter Expert) sign off.. and bang!!! she is mad.. she doesn't like it.. she can not review it in minutes.. well, I don't blame her if she's become angry.. but hey, don't blame me for all of this.. don't shout at me at least.. If you think I ruined all your plan.. blame the one who called me and who push me to ask ur signature..

yeah, but I guess I should think all of this matter.. I'm just an analyst.. a slave for those people above me.. accept this as a lessons learned.. thinking in a positive way also..

become stronger and never give up.. can I??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suppose the lesson is that you have to blame your consultants when you are in their position.

7:06 PM  

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